Thursday, December 8, 2016


How many times in United States history has a convicted con-man become President? That question remains officially unanswered, as Donald Trump avoided conviction with an out-of-court settlement last month in the Trump University class-action lawsuit.

We all know the basics, as Trump agreed to pay out 25-million dollars to those aggrieved by his interstate con-game. That case floated over his head during the final stages of the campaign, with the Trump-loving media allowing it to go unmentioned for weeks at a time while it was arguably the number one criteria for selecting the next President. After all, the Republican-loving media had portrayed Hillary Clinton as a criminal without any charges to back up the depiction, yet there were actual charges against Trump implying true criminality in this case. 

Nobody seemed to question why Trump got a free-pass from the courts to wait until after the election to see if there was proof that he was actually guilty. Why did that happen? His lawyers claimed he would be "too busy" to attend to such a case during the campaign. But he was not too busy to hit the road for a Victory Tour. How "favored" can one person be without people noticing?

When Trump agreed to the payout in order to avoid trial, he essentially sent a message confirming his own guilt in the scam. This is not rocket-science or brain-surgery.

When the accused party settles out-of-court,
they are always presumed "guilty".

This means a confirmed con-man is heading to the White House.

How does Trump keep getting away with everything? He will be using this settlement to further avoid paying taxes, as the payments are considered to be a tax-deduction.

Do you remember Trump's twitter-war against the "Hamilton" cast after Mike Pence was booed at a recent performance?

That "performance" by Trump served as "cover-fire"
to distract attention from the class-action settlement.

Since then, we've had multiple recounts, the bogus Carrier "deal", and an "Apprentice-style" parade of potential cabinet appointments dominating the headlines. All of these news-flurries have taken the public eye off of an unprecedented and egregious ethical breach by the person lined-up to take over control of the executive branch of the United States. Trump should be held to scrutiny over his de-facto "guilty verdict", regardless of what he tweets about tomorrow.


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