Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Funny how the mainstream news-cycles work sometimes. The evidence of Russian interference in the American Election was evident months ago, well before Election Day. The vague announcement in mid-October about the mischief was incomplete; we now know that was by design. And now, suddenly, just before the Electoral College does its thing, the truth is revealed:

The dots were connected right after the Election by Scott Dworkin, in his self-titled "Dworkin Report". He's the one who runs the "" web site.

Dworkin is now working on a project to compile all of the shenanigans of Trump into one location, found on Twitter as #TRUMPLEAKS. You can also get to that project through the main web site.

Newsweek reported on the Russian support for Trump in the week prior to Election Day. The BBC was on the story in September. Time was moving on this story in August. Check out this video about the Russian love for Trump dating back to last April (also from the BBC). The Political Insider previewed the KGB vote for Trump all the way back to December 2015, one year ago.

So much for the "anti-Trump bias" of
the so-called Mainstream Media.

The media supported Trump's campaign
like no other since its inception.

We showed you this billboard in Russia (submitted courtesy of a reader), but not to surprise you, only to verify what we've basically known all along. Trump has no greater purpose to seek the presidency than to promote his Russian political values.


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