Sunday, November 27, 2016


The 2016 Election exposed the lunatic fringe in the United States, as Trump's apparent election has caused Nazis and Skinheads across the country to jump for joy. The freaks of American society who love Trump so much are a big problem, but not necessarily a big surprise. The shocking part about what happened on November 8 is that otherwise normal, seemingly intelligent people actually voted for Trump.

How can that be so? Trump clearly telegraphed every disgusting aspect of his pathetic personality, and despite getting a bunch of support from the mainstream media, much of his professional misconduct was exposed as well. If nothing else, just a few minutes of any Trump speech showed what a callous, crude, lowbrow, arrogant, narcissistic, sexist, xenophobic, fear-mongering, ignorant, incurious, vindictive, self-absorbed megalomaniac he truly is.

So how could any intelligent, educated American
voter choose Trump on Election Day?

There are no easy answers to that question. Okay, there is an easy answer; all of those Trump-voters are actually blithering idiots, bent on self-destruction. That may actually be true.

But people who live in other places could size this one up accurately, including a Senator from Ireland, Aodhan O Riordain. Watch the video clip below for an incisive commentary on America's "Pubic Enemy Number One":

Have you already seen this speech? Probably not, as the mainstream media in the USA does not value such a statement as (commercially) "news-worthy". There have been many reports on the Irish Senator, like this one, and like this one. But only one report can be found from a legitimate American source.

The question remains: How could so many people worldwide have such a clear perspective of the Abominable Showman, yet more than 60-million Americans voted for Trumpism?


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