Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Let's assume for a moment that the Presidential Election truly is "over". For the sake of discussion, let's say there will be no more vote-total changes, either as a result of recounts or just simply finishing the first count the first time, a task that seems to take longer every four years.

If the current numbers hold, Hillary Clinton's popular-vote-total victory will be the greatest winning margin of any presidential candidate who did not "win" the Electoral College. And the numbers aren't even close.

By now, everybody from Alabama to Algeria must know that the United States Presidential Election system includes the Electoral College, though for no apparently good reason. Seems like the founding fathers got a little too involved with "process" in that part of the Constitution, creating a side-winding filter for voter intent that was none too democratic.

And there's more to be said about the Electoral College, most notably, that the "electors" can vote for anybody they want to for President, and it would be an example of FOLLOWING THE LAW AS WRITTEN IN THE CONSTITUTION. For now, though, let's just look at some stats to put things in perspective.

There have been five cases of a presidential candidate winning the popular vote, but losing the election in the Electoral College. Two of those five cases have occurred in the last five election cycles. The five "winners-who-lost" - - - ALL DEMOCRATS - - - are listed here:

  • 1824 - Andrew Jackson lost after winning by 38,000 votes
  • 1888 - Grover Cleveland lost after winning by 94,000 votes
  • 1876 - Samuel Tilden lost after winning by 252,000 votes
  • 2000 - Al Gore lost after winning by 543,000 votes
  • 2016 - Hillary Clinton lost after winning by 2,300,000 votes (still counting votes)

You can see that the list above is not quite in chronological order; rather it is listed in order of the vote-margin in each election. A quick glance shows that Clinton is the biggest-ever WINNER WHO WAS NOT GIVEN THE VICTORY in the history of United States Presidential Elections.

We point this out to help clarify "why all the fuss" right now.
This is an unprecedented result in our national history.
Clinton's vote margin is the largest win to be
curtailed by electoral vote-counting.

So people have "had it up to here"
with the Electoral College.

Numerically speaking, Hillary Clinton had a bigger "win" than Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses Grant, Richard Nixon, John Kennedy, Woodrow Wilson, William Taft, Jimmy Carter, and 15 other former Presidents. So it's natural for many people to feel like she won the election. Since she did. By popular vote.

The United States Constitution allows electors in the Electoral College process to vote for whomever they see fit to hold the office. Like it or not, the EC grants those several hundred individuals the legal right to select the next President, by whatever criteria they would like to use.

So it's perfectly legal and "constitutionally in-tune" for Americans to try to convince electors in the Electoral College process to vote for a non-Trump candidate. And if they do so in sufficient numbers to block a Trump Presidency, it would be a result for which the Founding Fathers paved the way.

Wikipedia Source Material - Showing The Five "Winners" Who Lost


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