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- - - - - First in a short series about the Electoral College - - - - -

After duking it out on the comment threads with Trumpists last week, it became clear that a great number of them believe that the Electoral College is legally required to elect Trump as President on Monday. They seem to believe that the EC is basically a "rubber stamp" for the popular vote.

It is so ironic to point out to them that the popular vote does not determine the winner in the United States Presidential Election. To do so makes me look like a defender of the EC, of which I totally am not.

Common sense would tell you that the "founding fathers" did not inject pointless bureaucratic processes in the US Constitution. They had their hands full creating the governmental tools and processes that actually did things, making them too busy to work on dead parts that only served to keep the wheels spinning. In other words, the electors at the EC must have a choice; otherwise, why go through the motions?

Common Sense does not work so well with Trumpists,
unless their Lord and Hero himself dictates that it is true.

The Trumpists like to discard information from what they call the "Mainstream Media", which they say has been "debunked" (whatever that's supposed to mean). That approach is the gateway to total madness, as the FREE PRESS is critical to the core of the American Democracy. You literally cannot ignore the FREE PRESS and function as an American.

CNN offers a thorough description of all the general possibilities that can ensue from the Electoral College in this article:

from CNN.COM

Both Common Sense and the Mainstream Media point out that there must be a purpose and function to the Electoral College beyond that of a "rubber stamp". Is there a more authoritative source on the subject?

How about the Twelfth Amendment to the United States Constitution? This federal law was implemented after the era of the "founding fathers", strongly suggesting that there was more to the EC process than just to mirror the popular vote and/or the electoral vote. Here is a key excerpt:

Twelfth Amendment
The Electors shall meet in their respective states, and......The person having the greatest number of votes for President, shall be the President, if such number be a majority of the whole number of Electors appointed......

The language of the Twelfth Amendment clearly implies that it's the vote of the EC that determines the identity of the President-Elect. It's clearly the EC that makes the decision.

So Common Sense, the Mainstream Media, and the US Constitution all suggest, imply, denote, or define the Electoral College is being quite different from a "rubber stamp". For a final reference, let's get modern and check Wikipedia! Here's an excerpt from the page on Federalist Paper #68 by Alexander Hamilton, in which the role of the EC is further explained:
"The electoral system attempts to create equality between states of different population sizes and it was also designed by Hamilton and the Founding Fathers to "weed out" any candidate that might capture the public's interest enough to get elected by the process but who do not have the requisite qualities necessary for the office of Presidency of the United States, therefore not being fit to become the commander in chief of the United States. The Electors were to protect the public from such a situation by themselves casting the official votes for president. Electors were to be chosen by the public, and were to be educated people who would carefully consider everything and would vote their conscience without regard to political party or state affiliation. The election phase has the popular vote and the Electoral College. Even though the election has a popular vote, the individuals who comprise the Electoral College are the votes that actually and officially elect the new president."

Anybody reading this article to this point must conclude beyond a reasonable doubt that the Electoral College does not perform the function of a "rubber stamp" to ratify the popular vote and/or the electoral vote.

To finalize this part of the Electoral College discussion, we can prove that the EC was not intended to be a "rubber stamp" BECAUSE RUBBER STAMPS WERE NOT CREATED UNTIL THE 1860s! Rubber itself was just being invented in the 1700s.

Next Article:  "Electors Have The Right To Make Their Own Choice"


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