Sunday, December 11, 2016


I come from a demographically-mixed family background. We have Catholics, Protestants, and Jews. We have Democrats, Republicans, and "Others". We have professors and truck-drivers, military and pacifists. We don't have everything, but we have a lot of diversity in my extended family.

I've been trained to sit down and talk with anybody. I like to interact with those who are different from me. It's fun to seek common ground and agreements with people who come from vastly divergent backgrounds than me.

So while I attended a major university (graduating Magna Cum Laude), I've always been able to appreciate the lesser-educated among us. I played competitive sports with blue-collar boys, despite wearing a white-collar and a tie during the day. For professional reasons, I have spoken with a very wide spectrum of people.

We all have much to learn from those who are different from us. Our individual five-senses on their own are insufficient to digest and interpret the true nature of the world around us. When we listen to other points of view, when we consider problems facing others, we can learn more about the world in order to benefit everybody.

I believe we should all get along,
and that we can be STRONGER TOGETHER.

But the Trumpist movement is pushing my limits. It's one thing to be uneducated, it's another thing altogether to reject knowledge, distort information, and downgrade folks for being intelligent. The Trumpists are violating a longtime intellectual code of honor in America under which the more educated and more intelligent are universally respected.

Trump hates knowledge.
Trump mocks intelligence.
Trump promotes ignorance.
Trump supports irrationality.
Trump stands for IGNORANCE.

The Trumpist movement is trying to turn America into a land of idiots and fools, hell-bent on their own destruction. He has cajoled otherwise innocent folks into voting against their own self-interests and threatening others as a result.

Have you noticed how offensive the Trumpists are? At campaign rallies, they want to send their opponents out on a stretcher. At protest marches, they want to send their opponents off to a different country. In personal interactions across the country, the Trumpists project a cold arrogance devoid of any interest in thoughts that are at variance with the social programming they've submitted to by Trump.

Given the opportunity to become President, Trump is taking his mind-numbing road-show across America, revving up the frustrated under-class to back his nefarious plans. He has time for pointless rallies, but no time for intelligence briefings necessary to do the job to which he supposedly aspires.

Trump is working hard to convince the lesser-educated among us to take pride in their lack of intelligence and to glorify their low-information lifestyles. In doing so, he threatens all of humanity with the second-coming of the Dark Ages.

Trumpism is anathema to civilization.

The TRAGEDY is what happened on November 8. The CATASTROPHE is what will begin on January 20. We must work to stop that process from playing out, and if it does, we must resist the process that ensues from it. WE MUST BLOCK TRUMP.


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